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Are you a Tweep? If you are familiar with the term, you probably are. For those lacking knowledge of Twitter terminology, a tweep stands for a Twitter user. Though its makers are forever in a denial mode, Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites on the web. And it consists of millions of tweeps living across the world.

Participating on Twitter needs no special knowledge. A little familiarity with English and some basic computer skills are all that you need to open an account on Twitter. Thereafter, you get your own profile and the ability to participate with millions of other tweeps, exchange ideas, participate in gossip, announce something and also promote your business.

If you are familiar with Twitter, you are probably aware of the trends and communication style of this social site. You must have come across quotes being posted on Twitter? This is a new trend that is being followed on this site. And it is a practice that has really caught on among tweeps. Whether you have a lack of interesting things to say or want to charm others with your aesthetic sense or simply want to share a nice saying by some wonderful personality, posting a Twitter quote can be a one-size-fits-all solution for any of these problems.

Posting good Twitter quotes is seen as an effective way of communication and regarded as tasteful social behavior. There are funny twitter quotes, inspirational quotes, love quotes and what not? It seems tweeps get a kick out of tweeting (posting twitter messages). In many cases, a quote that you post on Twitter is as important as your status message. It reflects your attitude towards life. It is an extension of your personality. This is the reason why people try to post good twitter quotes on their profile. It is a smart way to show the real you, it is a very effective way to make yourself stand out from millions of other tweeps in Twitterverse (the universe of Twitter).

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