Halloween Poem Scrapbook – Poem Or Treat? Both!

Although it might seem a little strange to make a Halloween scrapbook on poems, it is actually real fun. When I was told about the birth of my grandson, I started making a scrapbook for him, the pages of which contained all the poems I had written. There are a number of poems with Halloween as the theme that has been written. Therefore, making a scrapbook on Halloween poems is a terrific way of tying together all the poems that celebrate this day.

For instance, if your daughter has planned on dressing up as a Halloween witch, you can include a page in the scrapbook that has pictures of her in her costume, along with the following poem.

The witches ride their broomsticks,
The witches croak and croon,
The witches wear their pointed hats,
Far beyond the moon.

The witches read their magic spells,
They witches stir the brew,
The witches don the flowing cloaks,
All the dark night through.

The witches have big black cats,
That have the locks of gray,
And when the faint morning lights filter,
They all hide away.

You can choose a scary and unique font before printing it out. Then take some black scrapbook paper and paste it in between with your daughter’s Halloween pictures around it along with a few cut outs of brooms, witches, cauldrons etc. Do not forget to include some journaling to add the personal touch. Also add the date on the page.

There are many poems available that can be used in a Halloween poem scrapbook. You can use your creativity and create an entire book that is filled with Halloween poems that center around all your Halloween memories. You can also try writing some poems on your own in addition to the numerous poems that are readily available. Think about all the images and memories that the season of Halloween evokes in your head and then try to put these memories and images into words. You do not necessarily have to make the poem rhyme. If it sounds pretty and flows easily then you have achieved your purpose.

If you try, you will find that making a scrapbook on Halloween poems is much more fun than you can imagine. Of course, you can make the process even more enjoyable if you use your creativity and imagination. Do all the things you can think of while making your scrapbook. Keep working on the scrapbook pages with additions and subtractions of components till you get exactly what you wanted. Then show off your very own Halloween scrapbook.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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