How To Get Your Poetry Published

There are many independent publishers that call for poetry submissions but which one is right for you?

Some publishers such as Forward Poetry  say they are the peoples’ publishers and publish every poem they receive no matter what the quality and then charge up to £17 pounds for people to buy a copy of the book. These books really make it onto Amazon or into bookshops, they are made solely for the poets to buy.  This is a lovely way for amateur poets to get their work into print and the fact their work is published makes them feel a great sense of accomplishment. However, for other poets the non selective process of getting into these anthologies is unchallenging and the fact that a lot of the work is of dubious quality is off putting.

The other extreme is entering the big international poetry competitions which have prizes and the best poems from thousands will be put into an annual anthology of excellence. Here you are competing against internationally acclaimed poets and for the thousands who do not make such an exclusive list it can be very disappointing.

Therefore, its better to find the middle ground.

Lost Tower Publications was formed in 2011 as part of a poetry book publishing campaign to promote poetry world wide as an attractive and entertaining art form for the twenty first century.

     Lost Tower Publications is an independent publishing company dedicated to promoting newly emerging  quality poets from around the world. Their aim is to inspire and promote poetry as a communication, literature  and arts medium. They also hope to encourage a better understanding of different cultures by showcasing high quality work from as many different parts of the world as possible. They will reject unsuitable poetry so their books are of a high standard, so it is a badge of honour to be selected in their anthologies but they are not so rigid in their selection policies as the international competitions such as The Forward Arts Foundation.

     Their books are available to buy worldwide either from Amazon or to order through your local bookshops. They  also celebrate brilliance in poetry with their annual The Witching Hour Poetry Competition,  run to find the best supernatural poem of the year and annual The Double Happiness love poetry competition. This year The Witching Hour Poetry Competition 2013 was won by the American poet Bryon Richard Smith.

Lost Tower Publications  collect good quality, modern  poems to publish in anthologies available from Amazon and all good book shops.

Therefore if you want your poems published by a quality publisher I would recommend Lost Tower Publications. Here website is found at :

By Rainbow Reed

Source by Rainbow Reed

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