How To Write Poetry – An Introduction

If you want to write poetry, but you are having a hard time to start writing, then read this article because we are talking about the basics of writing poetry. We will talk about facts that you need to know about poetry and things that you need to do before you write. We will also give you tips that can help you write poetry and will also help you get ideas and topics to write about. We will also talk about the things that the things that makes poetry writing difficult to other people. This article is for complete beginners and for those who are interested or who want to learn how to write poetry.

Poetry is a form of literary art where languages are used to describe the writers or poet’s thoughts, feelings and imagination. It can be in any form like sad, happy or melancholic. This is where writers are free to express what they are feeling and what are the things that they wanted to say, and you say anything in a good or nice way too. That’s why many people are interested to learn how to write one because they have a lot of things on their mind and they want to express those feeling in forms of writing.

Poetry writing is quite challenging because you need to use the right words and you need to check your grammar as well. There are many kinds of poems, some write poems with rhyming, some write with specific numbers or counts in each verses, while some write in any order they want. Beginners always think that there is a certain rule for writing poems, yes there is but it is not that hard and you can actually write poems in any forms that you like. Writing poems is just like art, you are free to do anything with it. You are free to express or show your feelings.

What are the things that you need to do before you start writing?

  • Influence and Inspiration – It will be easier for you to write poems if you are inspired and you have an influence. In order to acquire this you need to read plenty of books and poems to get your motivations up.
  • Go out and explore – Another factor that will boost up your inspiration. There are so many wonderful things outside, go out and enjoy it, Write something about it.
  • Find a comfortable place – Most writers or poets prefer to be alone, so that they can concentrate and focus with their work. Find a comfortable spot or place for you and spend your time writing your poems there.
  • Dictionary is your best friend – If you are having a hard time to find words to use for your poem the dictionary and the thesaurus are here to help you with your problem. Try to use new words, it will make your poem sound good and you will also learn a new word.

Writing poems is fun and easy. Start writing now, I am sure that you will enjoy it too. It can be a perfect gift for someone special or it can be your masterpiece.

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