Impertinent Poems | Edmund Vance Cooke | Poetry | Speaking Book | English

Impertinent Poems | Edmund Vance Cooke | Poetry | Audiobook full unabridged | English
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A Pre-Impertinence:Anticipating the intelligent critic of “Impertinent Poems,” it may well be remarked that the chief impertinence is in calling them poems. Be that as it may, the editors and publishers of “The Saturday Evening Post,” “Success” and “Ainslee’s,” and, in a lesser degree, “Metropolitan,” “Independent,” “Booklovers'” and “New York Herald” share with the author the reproach of first promoting their publicity. That they are now willing to further reduce their share of the burden by dividing it with the present publishers entitles them to the thanks of the author and the gratitude of the book-buying public.E.V.C.

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