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Inspirational poems remind us of our need to  “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk.” Words can be inspirational and motivational or be misused and become detrimental to our lives. This poem shows how misuse can erode our society.


Keep your word

No matter what

The cost to you may be.

For those nearby

Believe not what

They hear but what they see.

The character pictured in this poem is difficult to attain. I guess it is one of the virtues that is admired in direct proportion to the amount of selflessness expressed by not going back on your word.

Frequently, people say they will be at a certain place at a certain time but fail to show. Or someone borrows an item and fails to return it. Or a parent promises to take his child somewhere and doesn’t follow through leaving the child disillusioned.

Society today seems to accept that people cannot be counted upon.

But for those who reject this lack of self accountability and seek for a better life and testimony to those around them, planning ahead and counting the cost is their life blood. It’s the only way to live – even when their best plans fail.

It is these people who are admired, blessed, and accomplish the most in life.

This next poem shows us how words can be instrumental as we reprioritize our actions.

Take Care

How did you say

Goodbye this morn?

What were the things you said?

What if they were

Your final words

Until the life ahead?

Once in awhile it is good to stop and take stock of our blessings. Two of these blessings are our children and our parents.

Now, parents is a sore subject with high school students, sometimes. Wrapped up in their social frenzy of getting their friend’s approval, many students give in and talk badly about their parents.

When I sense this in a class, I look for an opportunity to inject a different perspective free of peer pressure bias.  I ask them, “What if you got a call on the intercom to come to the office, and when you got there you found a close relative awaiting you with the news that your folks had just been killed in a car wreck? Would you wish you had left the house differently this morning? Would you wish you could change the last things you said as you left?”

Can you imagine the regrets they would have?

Each of us could benefit by carefully and lovingly watching our departures from loved ones in the morning and each time we say goodbye.

Poems like this last one can offer great meaning. To those of us who have had children and have seen them grow up, our die is cast. But for those who are still on that journey, there is time to heed this warning about the use of our words and time.

Unfamiliar Gray

Too busy we

To nurture them

To read, to laugh, to pray.

To busy they

To visit us,

The unfamiliar gray.

It’s a constant battle for a parent to find time to spend with his children. Mom and dad each have responsibilities for providing for their children that take a lot of time and energy. There really isn’t much of either left over at the end of the day.

But why do we parents have children in the first place if we are not going to designate enough time for their growth and nurture? Without enough time spent with parents, children will turn out poorly and surely won’t provide their parents with late life fellowship and care.

The key is two-fold; desire that your kids turn out right and plan ahead to make time to share both words and activities with them.

Remember always to keep your word when you promise something, choose carefully your words when leaving the house in the morning, and make time to use your words for the nurture and admonition of your children.

Source by Robert Ogden

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