(Inspired by RUMI) – 3 TINY LOVE POEMS with a BIG message… from ‘Writing Into Freedom’


For anyone who has loved & (seemingly) lost – or maybe who has loved & gained. Love’s most profound ideals, as well as its complex reality, are rendered here in the fewest of words.

Whether you’re hoping for love to enter your life afresh, or searching for that presence of higher Love within yourself, share this beautiful video with loved ones… & share it with You.

From Mario Petrucci, award-winning writer & translator/interpreter of Hafez, Rumi & Saadi, those inspirational souls of medieval Persia. http://www.mariopetrucci.com/

Poem/video by Mario Petrucci.

Music: Nocturne Op 09-2 (Chopin, Frédéric): Andante in E♭ major. Harald Vetter (piano). Harald Vetter: http://imslp.org/
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

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