Janet Kuypers’ “(pheromemes) 2015-2017 poems” @ Half Price Books 9/6/17 (Sony).

Live at Half Price Books (a large bookstore in Austin Texas) September 6th, 2017 (or 9/6/17, or 20170906), Janet Kuypers was featured with three readings from books at a poetry reading on the first Wednesday of the month. In one of her book readings, she read poems from her September 2017 Scars Publications (http://scars.tv) book release, with select poems from her book “(pheromemes) 2015-2017 poems”, which included her poems “Verge on Meditation”, “Elusive Imaginary Creature”, “Newspaper Ink’s the Blood of a Dying Species”, “Your Imaginary Soul Weighs 21 Grams”, “The Truth is Out There”, and “Visions Were Justified”.

This was filmed with a Sony camera and a Panasonic Lumix camera.

You can always go to http://www.janetkuypers.com for expanded information on her writing, poetry or performance art (or check her out on Twitter at http://twitter.com/janetkuypers, or see her 6-second poetry vines via her alternative Twitter page at http://twitter.com/JKPoetryVine, or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/janetkuypers, or even on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/ccandd96).


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