Limited Time Only – PIG: The Dam Keeper Poems Entire Episode 8

We are sharing one entire episode of Annie Award Nominated series and currently up for Annecy competition, Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems which has never been released outside of Japan!

In Tonko House’s first short-form series, written and directed by Erick Oh, we see how Pig remembers becoming the Dam Keeper. Seen through Pig’s youthful perspective, the visuals are abstract and surreal, but the source of his pain and his joy are clear. Produced in both Berkeley and Tokyo by a variety of international and domestic artists, the series showcases Tonko House’s global community through a story featuring universal themes, such as family, grief, responsibility, and growing up. The series is made up of over 31,000 frames, all individually hand drawn and painted.
Learn more about Tonko House and their other projects here.

This is nominated for ” —- ” category for Annecy.


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