Mothers Day Poems

Hello friend. I hope you are doing well. We all came have mummies. Some are alive, some have moved on, but all in all we have or had mums at one point in time in our lives. Our mums are the hardest working people I have ever seen. However, sometimes they may not approve of our choices in terms of girlfriends or wives. Carrying us in their tummies for 9 months and bearing with our habits while raising us up. This is a mothers day poems that I put together for my mum and all the hardworking mums across the world. It also includes a piece where I try to convince my mum to accept my girlfriend. Enjoy;

I love her mummy, please understand. My love for her is like the ocean and its vast shores of sand. She is like a brand, as exotic as an island. I understand mummy, she sings in a rock band, but she sparks up my life just like a life fund. Just look at her mum, well kept like a product that is canned, don’t say she doesn’t belong here just as a product that is banned. Don’t focus on her flaws; she has other attributes as vast as land. Please mummy, give us your blessings just as a magician waves a wand, i love her mummy please understand. You know why I value you so much mummy. 

This is because your love is constant whether we live in the suburbs or the slum. You always made sure i had to eat, even though you didn’t have a farm. My appetite was no big deal for you, i always had the last plum. I know you would love me equally whether i was deaf or dumb. When i am feeling down you always come through for me just as an actal tum. Although when i was naughty you beat me up till my behind was numb, you would cheer me up right after with my favourite song’s hum. You did your best to keep me out of danger just like an ewe does a lamb. Mum, you worked all day yet you managed to keep your glam and charm. I appreciate you mum, even though i can’t pay you back enough for what you have done, whatever the sum!

Source by Babji Isaac

Fahad Hameed

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