My Poems

1.                               Biochemistry


  Of which I study

  Results never encouraging

   Should I be bionic

5.For you to accept wit?

    Day and night

    Robber of an off day

    No rest

     My witty wit been dead beaten

10.  Oh … Biochemistry; It is not that am lazy.

     Back in space remember

     Remember, my forefathers never studied

     Yet they knew the usefulness of flavones

     Including consequences of starvation

15.  And added vegetables to their dishes.

     Genetics and traits

     Its bug is demonic

      Body a temple

      They had no concern with metabolism

20.  However, palm wine sharpened their vision.

     Crops grew by the pathway

      They knew not of the simple-complex pathways

      Now I cram and draw structures

       Of sugary sugar, chlorophylls, fats, and proteins

25.  Who sent me down this pathway?

     Unto the last-minute on the pathway

      You can never be the last-ditch,

      You can never be my last wish,

      We shall split wit like the last slice.

30.  Biochemistry the brainteaser.

     It is not that am lazy,

     Results never encouraging,

     Metabolism they understood not. But energy.

      Glycolysis big grammar, lipolysis a misery

35.  Oh … Biochemistry! It is not that am lazy.

2.                I’m scared to explore

      I’m scared to be a celebrity

      An end in normal living

      When paparazzi and cameras are even to bathroom

      Mistakes, omission, cowardice, and phobia

5.    All arising from that scary secret-room

      I’m scared to be a celebrity

      Though I dislike being

      Undistinguished, infamous

      An ignominious, men who are unknown

10.  And obscure.

      In the secret-room,

      Fortunes might makeup fates

      Even the best things aren’t equal in their fames

      And the lust of fame can be a shame

15.  All in the scary room of a superstar

       Not in a hurry

       Nor hungry

       There goes my chance

       I’m architect of my future

20.  Why I’m I scared to explore.


3.               We bleached me

      Born in time when I seldom see the hazy heydays

      My chest and calf are flattened and so lazy

     I am not a shepherd to the calf who jogs after his mothers’ breast milk

      The times of farming against famine are no longer mine,

5.    We bleached me.

      My cowries, fur wrappers, and painted faces had gone blinded

      By the dust lost in the whirling wind

      Once one steals a glance at my tough face

      You see a great farmer, merchant, and hunter

10.  Not forgetting, we were born Kings

       Like a sharp spinning hawk, I saw clearly from the sky

       The palm-wine sharpened my wolfish yellow naked eyes

       I saw all including the unfriendly ghost

       I feared; but the chick also feared the hawk

15.  Respect was reciprocal, we picked our roots

        Never held the dumbbells

        But I was muscular and strong

         Everyday people, I had problems but could predict the pregnant cloud

         Not educated, I thought as sharp as though

20.  Enlighten I have become, we bleached me.

         The tails by moonlight of such kind

         Childhood and youth age were so keen

         God’s finger touched us at due time

         I saw joy in my children, friends, and relatives

25.  Not forgetting my many wives.



Onyeche Vincent Ehiedu Onyeka

A Biochemist,

Delta state university



Source by Onyeche Onyeka

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