Personalised Birthday Poems

Poems and Petals produce personalised poetry on scrolls that are gift boxed with real flower petals. We’re all familiar with Birthday poetry as there is often a verse inside a Birthday card, but how many cards to you have to look through before you find a verse that’s right for the person you’re buying the card for?

Poems and Petals have a large range of Birthday poems that are printed to the highest standard, wrapped in a ribbon and sprinkled with real flower petals. The range includes some well known poems by some of the most well known poets including William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth so you know that whichever verse you choose it’s going to be better than the verses you find in Birthday cards.

The personalised poetry available from Poems and Petals is not just a great alternative to Birthday cards, but they also make thoughtful gifts and show a lot more thought than a gift voucher, a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. When you have chosen your poem you have a wide choice of boxes, ribbons and petals to choose from to package your poem, so you can choose the perfect colour scheme for the person you are buying it for. Whether a blue box with an ivory ribbon and lilac petals or a green box with a gold ribbon and cream rose petals or a red box with a burgundy ribbon and ruby rose petals would be up their street, there are so many combinations to choose from.

If you want to make your poem even more personal, Poems and Petals give you the option of writing your own, providing it’s under 1000 characters. This option means that even if the Birthday poems available on the site aren’t quite suitable, you can make sure that the poem they receive is.

Personalised Birthday poetry from Poems and Petals makes great alternative to Birthday cards or Birthday presents for loved ones, relatives and friends and is something that they will treasure forever. After all, how many people other than Royalty receive a poem written just for them?

Source by Ben Holloway

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