Poems for Deceased Friends – How to Get Relief from Grief

Can poems for deceased friends help you grieve better? After all, when a loved one passes away, should you really try to remember them? The answer is yes – your relatives and friends are a part of who you are. You need prayers and compassion of others. You thirst to see your precious friend or family member who has departed living on earth. You wish to understand what she may be experiencing or how he might still be present to you. Missing his or her physical presence is hard to take.

When a spouse, child or friend dies, it seems like your world has come to an end, too. When death happens to those special people, you feel empty and numb. You need a way to deal with the loss as you grieve and mourn. After reflecting upon the death of several of my loved ones and what may have happened to them, I learned a new understanding that provides peace and joy.

When you have a faith-filled hope, grief is much easier to bear when you are mourning. For example. When you believe that a deceased loved one is still connected to God and you, your relationship is changed but not ended. Use a prayer or funeral poem to help you overcome shock of immediate loss. As time goes on, memorial poems help you remember a deceased family member or friend a long time later after they have died.

Many aspects of modern society have programmed people to think that death is the end of everything. Many people are afraid – that everything is unraveling when their loved one dies.

The Christian hope is in Jesus Christ, who rose after death and gives eternal life to those who believe in Him. Jesus promised that he would go ahead to prepare a new home for those who follow Him. Jesus’ promise is hundreds of years old.

Many people are very disturbed when friends and family members die. It is very different than waiting for them to return from a vacation or trip to the grocery store. Routinely, people pose the question, “When will my loved one come home?” The ordeal occurs when they start thinking and believing that their friend or family member one is gone for good and will never, ever return.

The problem is in our imagination and hope. We don’t see that our precious ones may be at home right now — at home in God’s house, that is. We become desperate to see them immediately and want to be reunited with them again soon. So the value of using a prayer and a poem for the deceased is priceless when it helps us to reconnect with our loved ones in love, faith and hope.

What is a new belief that can help us have peace of mind? Think of it this way. Death is like walking through a door of a brand new home. When you push that door open, you see a more beautiful, bigger and happier place to live. It is brand new. Clean. Fresh. More room. More possibilities to do things with your loved ones. A better place to live. So, when you think and dream and imagine deceased loved ones living forever with God and you. What is one of the best places to hang out and live in a new home? In the living room, right? So, think about your departed loved ones moving into the living room of God’s house after they die. They are still living, just in a brighter and wider place.

Your love and friendship with your departed loved ones does not stop overnight when their body stops working. While they were living on this earth, it took time to grow in love, faith and hope. That life does not end when they die. As difficult as it may seem right now, life is actually getting better for them and you. Your loved one is at home with God. You hope to go through the door to meet them some day.

Like a wall hanging that is completed, the tapestry of their human life has been finished. It now hangs in the living room of God’s house. This is a wonderful life that you can celebrated today, tomorrow and forever. All you need to do is use a prayer and poems for deceased friends to remember your connection every day of your life.

Source by Dave Pipitone

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