Poems That Make You Cry!

If you are in the mood for a sad poem, then you are many resources available here. There’s even a video version of a sad poem, books and other items of interest.

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It was so touching. All these poems tug at heart. The pain and anxiety for most of us. Even those of us who have never been pregnant, it seems that every time a piece for us, a human embryo that has ever lived. There is so much hope and expectation, so much time and will not without the feeling that more and more it does hurt disappears. But I thank you for sharing these poems, they were in motion.

What makes a poem so powerful, even a short poem can sorrow for those around us?

Good poetry is poetry that we can feel an identification with. Whether a sonnet by Shakespeare or rhyme a simple statement of W. Carlos Williams, we feel very good in poetry that articulates our feelings inside. It seems no separation between poet and reader. The reader feels a unity with the poet. Identified in this poem by Sri Chinmoy Problems with humanity and at the same time with a vision viewers a better future.

Good poetry can give hope to the seemingly painful experience. Many great poets face of our fear of death, there’s poetry offers an alternative vision of pessimism, people can enter.

Emily Dickinson often writes on the topic of death. It offers no certainties, but rather ambiguous points to immortality. To a large extent the reader can make his own thoughts. This is another quality of a poem, he asks the reader to think for themselves

Poetry often takes its inspiration from nature. Nature is everywhere, but a poet can capture their essence into the written word. This brings us a new understanding of the wonders of nature.

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