Poems without Words – a Short Film inspired by Music from Maria Baptist Trio plus One

The music on my latest CD with my Trio plus One project is a musical journey that I had in my mind and heart for quite a long time. With my classical jazz trio instrumentation I have been working for over 25 years with different musicians – on this particular album I wanted to have my long time friend and fellow John Betsch on drums, a musical legend that I have known since the 90ths, where I have spent some time in Paris. The young and very talented Fabian Timm on bass is also a member of my Jazz Orchestra and I love the way he adds all the colors to my music. „Plus One“ Jan von Klewitz is one of the best saxophonists that I know and he is a wonderful person at the same time. His sound and approach to my instrumental music was exactly what I could hear when I composed the music for „Poems without words“. So this is really my dream band right here, creating sometimes a „Beautiful Chaos“ or a longing for nature on „On top of the mountain“. I wanted to really discover and explore the extremes between some uptempo thing like you can find on „Running“ and on the other hand a lot of peace and quietness as on „The Moon stood still“. I really hope you will enjoy this album.

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Maria Baptist – Piano
Jan v. Klewitz – Sax
Fabian Timm – Bass
John Betsch – Drums

Anna Stark – Filmed / Edited

Copyright: Maria Baptist Music 2017

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