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You see exceptional males can handle tension, there are a couple of guys who consider that it is hard to get over an ex girlfriend. They will try out to return to that woman or just call her every day hopping that will convince her to heat up the old flames which died out weeks ago.

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First and foremost you must realise if you are not capable in getting over her by now, you are in trouble. Do you know why? Cause she has no feelings for you, probably doesn’t even call you back, if you didn’t know, she is avoiding you. Probably she’s been neglecting you but here you are, remembering about all the special activities you did together. I’ll tell you brother you need to get your shit together.

The argument you can’t get over her, is not that you love her a lot or she is the most good-looking woman since the queen of Egypt, no sir. You can’t get over her cause you have hole within. Yes I’ll repeat, you have a hole within. You haven’t got the answer to satisfy so you think you can get from her. NO! She won’t be capable to fulfil it . As a matter of fact nobody will ever do, others may lead you but you alone will have to fulfil it.

Do you understand?

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This is what I have in mind; the vaccum I’m lecturing about is named neediness. Some men are not able to be themselves, they must have a girlfriend on a side to be real. The more dreadful trait is that, they believe the other soul (girlfriend) will get them feel realistic. If they don’t get one, they become unmanly. They lack accord and they can’t be themselves until they get the blessing of others. If you belong to these human beings then you must evolve to change that behavior at once.

You have to discover what that vacancy is; you need to question yourself why you need that girl so bad, what causes you love her. After you find the answer then dig more for more solutions. This will help you to recognize about yourself. It might be as feeling important or the need for acceptance. After you have the decent answer find activities that make you feel important. Is it learning new things, taking chances, studying new sciences, it might be anything. After you have your needs satisfied you will look more powerful and self-confident the character that is charismatic and appealing to women.

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