[Rain, Sky, Wind, Port] Poems by Kim Nam-jo

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Rain, Sky, Wind, Port: Poems (New Paltz, New York : Codhill Press, 2014)
Author: Kim Nam-jo
Translators: Hillel Schwartz, Sunny Jung
From the publisher, Codhill Press:
“Poems on nature and the human condition.”
Kim Nam-jo’s dynamic use of sensual language and vibrant imagery portrays the subtlety of human emotions. Her poems offer both an affirmation of humanity and a passion for the religious life.
Born on September 25, 1927 in Daegu, South Korea, Kim Nam-jo is one of Korea’s leading poets. She has published numerous volumes of poetry and essays and has been awarded many major literary prizes. She served for a time as president of the Korean Poets’ Association and has long been active in the Korean P.E.N. Center. For almost forty years, until her retirement in 1993, she was professor of Korean Language and Literature at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul.
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슬퍼하는 자는
복이 있나니
날마다 슬퍼함으로
슬픔에 배부를 것이요
다른 굶주림은
모두 잊으리라

사랑하는 자는
복이 있나니
저들도 끝을 알 것이요
끝에선 하나가 먼저 떠나리로다
이날에 하늘을 보리니
수식어는 모두 죽고

-Kim Nam-jo

Those who feel sad are in luck:
each day that they sorrow
their stomachs fill with sadness
and they forget all other hungers.

Those who love are in luck:
they know the end.
At the end
one person leaves
ahead of the other.

On that day the remnant look up.
No more rhetorical flourishes.
Just call it “sky.”


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