Short Poems and Money

What about short poems and money. Right, I know what you are thinking. To me they have like a striking resemblance. They are both short-lived. haha. Anyway I just combined both in a poem. A short poem and the impact of money that is short lived. Enjoy;

We lose ourselves, in the pursuit of more money, all inter-twined in this life long journey. Right from when we are born, we need to buy food to put into our tummy, or buy a handkerchief to wipe a nose that is runny. Our society has caused us to be money hungry, it isn’t very funny, and there is nothing to smile about not even Bugs bunny. Hip-hop artists do it in the name of beef, but what is the point if you die like a thief? Our political leaders, who only during elections is when they need us, but right after they can’t lift a finger to feed us. To climb the corporate ladder, you have to be elastic like a bladder, the situation is so dire, it would scare even a puff adder. Nowadays there is no breach, in the pursuit to be rich, whether you kill or use magic like a witch. The rich need the poor to make them more money, and the poor aspire to be the rich and admire just like a kid does with a jar full of candy. Money however always has its ways to deter any person who on it preys. Money is like candy, the more you eat the more it makes you feel nice and dandy, but watch out because soon your teeth and health will shatter like a broken glass of brandy. The further out we reach to get more money in a daze, the further deep inside we lead ourselves in a maze……………in the pursuit of more money, we lose ourselves!

Have you ever been cheated on? I was just thinking about a story that I heard from a friend that involved someone being cheated on. Then I wondered, if it was me, what would I do if I found my girl cheating on me? I am sure I would write a war poem or even a couple of war poems. This is a sample of an emotional war poem that I would write. Enjoy;

I cheated on you because you would always take me back, whatever i did, you never, on me, turned your back. I cheated on you because the sky was so blue. I cheated on you because you weren’t stuck on me like glue. I did it because i was hungry and it was like tofu. I cheated on you, for i didn’t believe you boo. For me it was like a government coup. I couldn’t help it, you wanted to sue, and you didn’t give me a chance to breathe out just like flu. I lost my mind like a kid lost in a zoo, or like a lost trader visiting Guangzhou. I was feeling pressed, i didn’t know what to do, i acted quickly without thinking sort of like rushing to the loo. It might make no sense, you may take it as pretence, but one thing i know, this is why i cheated on you.

Source by Babji Isaac

Fahad Hameed

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