I  am a 15 year old girl living in Hyderabad , India , deems it a privilege to be associated with the publication of the book ‘the peace wishers’.

I am extremely delighted to extend a note of appreciation to the great poet ‘Afzal Shauq’a poet with six books published and here goes the other book… the peace wishers’

Sir Afzal Shauq is a man for whom peace is a vision and he did his best to mould his thoughts and dreams into poetic flow of words…. this onerous task taken by Afzal Shauq in knitting his thoughts into poems is the finest example of poetic excellence.

Afzal Shauq’s poetry provides the people a holistic view of life, deepening their understanding and broadening their mental horizons…

I hope and pray that the name of Afzal Shauq rise to greater heights and succeed a vision in the minds of the people, besides equipping them with a plan of action for fulfilling that vision…the vision of peace.

It is said that dreams and dedication make a powerful combination.

‘a task without a vision is a drudgery,
a vision without a task is but a dream
but a vision with a task is the hope of the world’

So, Afzal Shauq and his poetry is the hope of the world…
I extend my best wishes to Sir Afzal Shauq and all the peace wishers to continue their quest for innovation in all their endeavors… I share my dream with you Sir ! hope it turns true one day.

Will This Dream Come True…?
a sharp sound of knife
a man torturing his wife
two men quarreling
a red river flowing…

this is what we see and hear every day,
but once I closed my eyes and went in a deep pray…

and lo…! In the morning silence
the sun was smiling in brightness…

I went out for a peaceful walk
every one around me had nature, so soft..

a calm breeze whispered, Dear it is a place

where no hatred lies…
only love abounds miles and miles….

it is as pretty as you please
there is no rush, no push. life is as easy as you please…

then I heard a bird singing…
and a butterfly, to a flower was kissing…

at a distance I saw little boys playing happily
the whole world for me was looking one blissful family…

Peace…it has come back…! With great joy I began shouting…
my mom came, she woke me and said…dear you are dreaming…

                (I wrote this poem for you and of course, also dedicated to you Afzal Shauq………..Khadija Mohammad)

Sir! I really respect you being my Ideal poet.

Khadija Mohammed
Hyderabad / INDIA
Email:[email protected]


Source by afzal shauq

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