Six Poems by Lyman Grant

Six Poems by Lyman Grant.
Reading at Bookwoman Bookstore, Austin, Texas in 2012.
Video and Editing by Philip R. Fagan.
One of the frustrations of moving is having to dig through the detritus of one’s life. One of the pleasures is unearthing gifts from the past that have been previously packed away. One gift that I have recently recovered is a film of a reading I did in September 2012. That makes it five years ago. After my book As Long As We Need was published, Cindy Huyser (a really fine Austin Poet) asked me to read at one of the best poetry venues in Austin, Bookwoman Bookstore. Then to make the night even more special, Philip R. Fagan sat on the front row and filmed my reading. Philip is a professor of Radio, Television, and Film at Austin Community College, and a dynamic filmmaker. He videotaped the reading, went home and “chopped” it, as he says in the credits, and then gave me a copy of his his version of the evening. I think he did a great job of catching and highlighting my theme for the evening, which is perhaps described as the anxiety of domesticity. While I might wish that we had done a couple more takes of a few of these poems, I think Philip’s interpretation–with my double chin, expansive belly, and trembling hands–is still something I can be proud of.

“Hairetikos,” “Found Things,” from book Text & Commentary (1994)
“‘Hamlet,'” “Late Night,” from book The Road Home (2005)
“Spring,” from chapbook Established Parameters (2010)
“Listening, and Knowing Where to Look.” from book As Long As We Need. (2011)

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