Spiritual Insight a Gift of Poetry

What poetry can accomplish in this world of creation is glorious and very powerful for the poet as well as for the passionate reader. How it fills the heart with immense joy and the mind with insight. In this new age of information, poetry has taken on a whole new level of excellence. I started writing poetry when I was twenty-four, which became a significant outlet for me to express my spiritual side of my character. The responses that I have had with people of all ages and walks of life reading my poetry has been deeply rewarding for me as it touches the person’s heart and speaks to them. By the means of writing my experiences in short poetical form, followed by sharing my poetry, has become truly a remarkable journey.

Writing poetry from the heart then sharing it with others is my goal. A special and close friend of mine said to me “what we create must be shared because there is someone out there that has wished to see or read that special creation”. How glorious it is when someone gets excited when we had became brave enough to share our work with them. I have found we have a need for the elevating beauty of art to uplift and influence the soul.

I prefer to focus on the beauty of reality in my poetry and not to be cynical and dwell on the gloomy aspects of life. I have come to realize that darkness is the absence of light; ignorance is the absence of knowledge. What we have come to learn and feel deep within there is a need to express those spiritual inner truths. My inspiration comes from a place of an enriching experience.

Follow Yourself

Open your heart
Show your art
Watch it become a part
Of its decoration
Of creation.
Watch it flow
Like the wind blows
Through the meadow
Be at peace with it
Watch it grow
Follow forward
To your inspiration
There is a destination.

By: Ryan Daniels

Poetry is a wonderful exercise for stimulating the brain. A change in previous ways of thinking and becoming open to new experiences is the key. The fruits that can come from revealing our inner expression can help our spirit to soar and reach such great heights that it can branch to other grand opportunities as we expand our thoughts and become progressive with our writing or any other wonderful form of art for that matter.

I wish for you many enriching experiences and grand opportunities on your journey through life!

Source by Ryan Daniels

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