Spiritual Poem, at Freedom's Door, Finding Jesus and Inner Peace

“I’m Not Comin In” is a spiritual poem about finding inner peace, peace of mind and inner freedom. Inner peace and happiness does not come from the fleeting pleasures and fulfillments of earthly desires. True inner joy and happiness is created from within, and this inner peace and joy does not depend on outer circumstances or worldly achievements.

What is within? God. The inner journey, the discovery of remembering who a person really is and the path to inner peace. When a person sees things from the viewpoint of a physical human being, it is selfish and materialistic; when a person considers their spiritual well-being they see things realistically and find harmony within oneself and other human beings. Body, mind and emotions are instruments which can either be the self centered nature and never fully able to control them, always in constant struggle or the spiritual centered nature which are fully controlled by the vision of God’s will. And when God’s will takes over, a person will find inner peace.

I’m Not Comin In

I’m not comin in, I like it out here.
All alone with my thoughts, and no-one is near.
I can still see, watch the world going by.
Even not using, I’m feeling so high.

Whatever’s happening, I don’t seem to care.
Like a lost little boy, into the silence I stare.
Not a worry comes to me, I’m happy I’m free.
Then a thought crashes down, wait, this isn’t me.

What is going on with me, I don’t seem to know.
It all seems so strange, not a care not a woe.
But I kinda like it, this feeling of peace.
This calmness, it’s tranquil, I sense I’m at ease.

But at this moment, I don’t know who I am.
I’m kinda fearful, at not giving a damn.
Cause my minds always racing, it won’t seem to stop.
But here on the water, I feel I’m on top.

So I’m not comin in, I don’t want to go home.
Out here by myself, I don’t feel I’m alone.
Cause someone is with me, I can feel him just now.
I can see Jesus, right here on my bow.

Author; Gary Michie
Email [email protected]

Inner peace is attainable for everybody with the presence of Christ, and God wants everyone to find peace, and He will show the way to All who follow Him, only if they are willing to accept it. Inner peace is not just a way of being that is nice to have, it is imperative that people bring peace into their life, Today!

For one thing, finding Jesus is the greatest discovery that a person will ever make, and may even stumble upon him without really looking for him at Freedom’s Door. Finding Jesus is just the beginning of a person’s journey in life; not the end.

Freedom’s Door is in Kelowna offering Spiritual Hope, Healing and Wholeness for Men with Addictions.

Freedom’s Door is a non-profit registered society that uses the Twelve Step program and Christian principles to rehabilitate men struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction in the Okanagan Valley and Kelowna, BC area. Freedom’s Door, a doorway to spiritual freedom from drug and alcohol abuse.

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