Tattoo Lettering and Script – Meaningful Quotations and Text As Designs For Tattoos

Tattoo designs are not limited to colorful and elaborate images. Letters, verses and quotations are excellent options too. Collectively, these are called script or textual tattoos and this theme has been gaining popularity these days both for male and female tattoo enthusiasts. In fact, a lot of tattoo artists say that an increasing number of clients prefer this type of tattoo.

There are several important concerns involved when going for textual tattoos. The exact text to be tattooed is the top most concern and spelling is very critical here. You can choose an inspiring quotation, a verse from a bible, a favorite line from a song or poem, a loved one’s name, the name of your favorite band, among many others. The kind of font for your script or textual tattoo is also an important concern when conceptualizing this type of tat theme. The script lettering and the Old English are the most common types of font used for this purpose, but you can always choose something else. You and your tattoo artist can be really creative.

Where to place your script tattoo is another major concern. The best locations or body parts for this type of tattoo design are the areas which have ample space. But this really depends on the number of lines or the size of the text you want tattooed on you. Of course, you want it to be clear, clean, and nice. The shoulder blade, back, rib, and arm are the most common areas for script tattoos composed of several lines. The foot, wrist, back of neck and ankle are ideal for 1- to 5-word tattoo lettering.

Script or textual tattoos can be very unique and original. Should you decide to go for this type of tattoo design, just remember to choose your text and lettering style carefully. It’s always important that you work with a reputable tattoo artist. This is something permanent and this something you should love and be proud of.

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