The 14 poems of how Sun Bu’er became an Immortal, (1)

The 14 poems of how Sun Bu’er became an Immortal, (1)
by Dr. George Ho of Vancouver
All copyrights reserved
Sun Bu’er (Sun Pu-erh, Chinese: 孫不二), one of the Taoist Seven Masters of Quanzhen, lived c. 1119–1182 C.E. in the Shandong province of China. She was a beautiful, intelligent, wealthy woman, married with three children. Her family name was Sun and her first name was Fuchun (富春), Bu’er being her name in religion. Her husband Ma Yu was a student of Wang Chongyang. At the age of 51 she took up the study of the Dao and herself became a disciple of Wang Chongyang, serving as a Taoist priestess. She eventually left her home and traveled to the city of Luoyang where after twelve years of practice, at Fengxiangu cave, she attained the Dao and, it is said, became an immortal. Sun was a teacher with several disciples, founding the Purity and Tranquility School, and wrote many poems. (Wikipedia)


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