The Secret of I Miss You Poems and Letters

We men are not always prone to displaying our less masculine traits in public. We can be incredibly romantic when the time is right though. There are various methods to show how you feel and ‘I Miss You Poems’ are one such method.

The great poets Shelley and Keats were famed for their romantic outpourings. Their influence still shows in the popular love songs commonly portrayed today. None of us would baulk at the idea of putting a romantic song on the stereo, so why not send her an I miss you poem?

So when is a good time to send an I love you poem?

  • Initially is when the relationship is going through a rocky patch, and
  • The second is when the relationship has ended, but you need to get her back

Restoring your Relationship

Taking the latter instance first, there are certain guidelines to be adhered to when using I love you poems in such cases.

After any breakup both you and your ex girlfriend need time to heal and immediately sending her poems and letters to try and get back together will not help. Time, time is a healer of all, give her the time to sort herself out.

After you have given her some time and space, send her an I love you poem or letter, but not something that is over the top, just something to say you are thinking of her. Then wait for her response, do not ask her for one, or even expect one – but there will most likely be one.

Rocky Patch

If you are in a relationship that is going through a bad patch but you are one who finds it difficult to express his emotions – most of us do – a well placed, neatly written I miss you poem can go a long way to breaking the ice or releasing the pressure in such a situation. Of course, not all of us are great poets – in fact, very few of us are – but there is a trick we can use that is very helpful.

As I mentioned you don’t need to write these yourself, I miss you poems are easily available from many locations. You can get a hold of many poems that can help you accurately express yourself to your ex girlfriend without needing to string any verses together just find the one that says how you feel!

I love you poems are a very sweet and very useful method of helping us to get a point across. In showing your ability to look for romantic gestures and trying something new you are showing your ability to grow as a person. It will not go unnoticed that you at least tried.

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