Tiranga (Independence Day Special) – Navaldeep Singh | UnErase Poetry

On the eve of the 70th Independence Day, UnErase Poetry brings something special. A poem on the Indian National Flag – Tiranga by Navaldeep Singh performed on 6th March 2017 at Tuning Fork, Khar.

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Written & Performed by: Navaldeep Singh
Curated by: Simar Singh
Music by: Pranav Kakkar
Shot by: Jeet Karani, Vraj Shah
Location Courtesy: Tuning Fork, Khar, Mumbai
Sound Mixing & Mastering by: Sohaill Gandhi (Tuning Fork Studios)
Produced by: YouthSay TV
Edited by: Simar Singh
Art Design by: Allwyn Pereira
Special Thanks: Balraj Singh Ghai, Shweta Parakh

About UnErase Poetry-
We are a community for promoting and producing spoken word poetry through live performances and online content, based in Mumbai, India.


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