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Top 50 Wonderful, Classic and Hit Cartoon English Nursery Rhymes For Kids and Teens

1. Baa Baa Black Sheep (0:05)
2. Happy Birthday (1:01)
3. Row Row Row a boat (1:58)
4. Old Mc Donald (2:35)
5. Are you Sleeping (3:56)
6. Jingle Bells (4:50)
7. The Rainbow (6:18)
8. If your happy (7:33)
9. Baby Elephant (9:45)
10. Its bitsy Spider (11:12)
11. Hickory Dickory Dock (12:06)
12. Ding Dong Bell (13:08)
13. Chubby cheeks (14:14)
14. Hot cross buns (15:37)
15. Cobbler Cobbler (16:36)
16. Humpty Dumpty (17:36)
17. Swinging high (18:27)
18. Doctor foster (19:16)
19. My tooth brush (20:00)
20. Engine number nine (21:03)
21. Tick Tock (22:07)
22. There’s a big eye owl (22:42)
23. Piggy on the railway (23:54)
24. Twinkle Traffic Light (24:51)
25. Number Rhymes (26:32)
26. After a bath (27:46)
27. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (28:23)
28. London Bridge is Falling down (29:22)
29. Rock a bye baby (30:19)
30. An Apple A day (31:58)
31. I will sing (33:15)
32. Five Little Soldiers (34:18)
33. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo (35:15)
34. Tom the piper son (35:56)
35. Ringa Ringa Roses (36:49)
36. Thank you God (37:49)
37. Wood Pecker (38:52)
38. Clap your Hands (40:32)
39. Listen to my band (41:59)
40. If i were an apple (42:58)
41. I hear Thunder (44:03)
42. Goosy Goosy Gander (44:51)
43. My new Shoes (46:10)
44. As pussy sat on upon (47:07)
45. I am a little tea pot (48:05)
46. The dog says bow bow (49:02)
47. Little nancy petticoat (49:56)
48. One two buckle my shoe (50:48)
49. Johny Johny yes papa (51:57)
50. Mary had a little lamb (52:41)

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    My baby loves this video. She is addicted to it but in a good way. Like she's just 11 months old n knows all of them

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