Transcendental Poetry is a Heart Matter (on the Nature of the Seer-poet)

Transcendental poetry originates in the heart of the seer-poet, and awakens in the hearts of humanity. Therefore, transcendental poetry is not for thinkers. It attempts to silence the thinker so the heart’s yearning, the heart’s call, can be heard and felt, simultaneously.

The seer-poet communicates the past, the present and the future simultaneously. Each word penned to paper is a living entity, an expression of freshly released energy, a bolt of enlightening life-force if you wish, linking the Divine, the seer-poet, his words, and the reader together in a light-stringed web of understanding, passion and love.

The seer-poet knows he cannot beat his own heart, so he transmits Divine Shakti (force or light) using verse, describing every event and circumstance, that make up his humble existence here, as an expression of love and gratitude to the Light that lives him. In turn, each vowel and consonant becomes a bolt of light supreme that draws the reader to the word. That is the nature of the light-giving cycle. It’s like using a lit candle to light another one, and so on, and so on…

To the seer-poet then, his work is not epic, tragic, nor comedic, it’s ECSTATIC! His poems do no imitate life, they imitate the Divine, Da (the giver). How can the reader be captivated by mere words, void of life supreme, no matter how cleverly they rhyme, have meter, or are in tune with the flute of the shadow goddess. If the heart is not touched, the reader may as well cast a blind eye to the page.

In conclusion, transcendental poetry attracts those who are vulnerable, those who are suffering a total disillusionment (positive) with conditional existence. To the seer-poet, his work is not to make the reader feel good, or to make him feel bad, it’s intended purely to make him feel without limitation. True ecstasy transcends limitation, therefore transcendental poetry transcends mere words.

Here’s what other poets & artists have to say about JRG’s work:

“Intriguing and inspired. Well done” – Saul –

“great read!” – Nighthawk –

“fabulous, such a grand pilot peace…” – Purple Mermaid –

“Outstanding! Awesome imagery!” – Sam –

“Can’t stop reading it. Very good!” – Kolekshuns –

“Your verse is superb! Getting to the heart of the matter is always fun to do..Lovely write..!” – Wigopa –

“Amazing poem, Great images and good flow. Loved the story too :-)” – Sinome –

“Finally, a priori to the big bang theory from an honest-to-god insider. The writer has it right , or there was nothing – which exploded! Fresh and astonishing. Chronicle 2 ,bring it on…” – Bren –

“Your devotion to your word-art is quite palpable…

It touched me. Your artwork and photography feel the same!

It is wonderful to see you soooooo ALIVE!!!!

Dance on…” – Patricia GildArt –

In the words of the pen warrior ‘Spiraleye Heartseeker’, whose chronicle you can read by clicking on the link below:

“…the Light shall dance us

as surely as it gives freely

of its own brilliance

to our crystallized hearts”

With all good wishes for Peace Profound – JRG –

Source by J Ronald Gildart

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