The poet of “Twist of Fates” Afzal Shauq is a philosophically prolific and an evolutionary Writer with broad sense and visions. While Alley Boling is a Great woman born to make a mark. I liked the majority of poems of the book I read on the net with out paying a single penny. So, I want to comment on it and appreciate the work with my deepest concerns.

The Poem “THE  MUSE” talks about wisdom as an instrument or tool which gives or brings revelations and inspiration in dreams. It departs when the mind is not settled. Wisdom and inspirational also manifest when one is in  action [motion] because motion brings promotion. The impact created transforms lives. Wisdom and knowledge is always available to those who seek it. It is the most important tool. It gives  strength and Boldness. It makes one excels in life and gives you the urge to know more because the more one know the more He/she knows that He does not know.

The poem “BEAUTY PRIDE” talks about people who see or estimate themselves to be too precious thereby too careful to themselves whereby causes pride which in turn depreciates  their Honor and causes lack of peace in their Heart; anxiety for trouble as well as Fear of future Danger which  retains worries as result of psychological immaturity.

The poem “THE NATURE OF HUMAN”, “THE HUMAN OF 21st CENTUREY”, “WALKING DEAD”, “REVOLUTION OF DARKNESS”, and “THE COMPANION OF SATAN” and many other poems are the true situation of present age and Mr. Afzal Shauq has featured in factual themes and his hopes for betterment in humanity has expressed in poem “WAY TO SENSE” which shows up the poet as a kind human and even a focal point of humanity to teach and guide. I prefer to add his one of best poems done as Haiko down;

                                Scarcely in this life

                                Happy feelings

                                Keep staying in huts


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Book: Bridging The Gaps


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