TWO POEMS & SONG (Music Teacher at Pathik Gyan Niketan)

Pathik Gyan Niketan presents and introduces its Music Teacher, Mr. SANGIT PRATS, a professional guitar player from Spain.

In this video, Sangit,s performs TWO POEMS & SONG:

Sangit´s voice, either reciting or singing, fully fits with the tone and colors of his eight strings classical guitar.

The performance was filmed at the KOERICH MUSIC FESTIVAL in LUXEMBOURG in February 2009.

Mr. Prats has been collaborating with the school since the year 2013, giving Music Classes to the Kids at Pathik Gyan NIketan as well, guiding personal instruction on Classical Guitar to several students from the school.

Pathik Gyan Niketan thanks Mr. Prats for his volunteer contribution to our school and to our country.

O Silence !
What a beautiful Music !!

The whole life singing
Unknowing that it was Silence
I was looking for …
And now that my Music is perfect
I need my instrument no more.

O Silence !
What a beautiful Music !!

I see You in the wave of the Ocean
And also in the tear of a child
Because You are the vastness of the sky
And the bottomless of the human eye.
You are that …
Which can never die !


Everybody is born a singer
If you just sing your own song ,
Nobody can teach the music
which inside your soul .

Your Heart is like the biggest mountain
Full of emeralds and rocks ,
And you my friend , are like the sculptor
Mounding your own soul .

Everybody is a singer
If you just try your song ,
Nor can I teach you the music
which only you might know …
which only you should know …
which only you KNOW …


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