Use After Break Up Poems to Your Advantage

Broken up with your girlfriend and need after break up poems to make you feel better? Or maybe you need some to help you get back together with your girlfriend? It’s more likely to be the latter rather than the former!

Breaking up is hard, especially when all you want is to win her back again and live together happily ever after. Winning your girl back isn’t absolutely impossible. Each girl might have broken up with her guy for a different reason, but if she were ever to consider going back to him – do you know what she wants? Well, she wants to see that her guy’s changed.

But Why Should I Change?
She doesn’t want you to change entirely. But she wants to see you’ve changed some of the things she hates about you. For example, you’re probably the most unromantic person in the world. This could never make a girl feel good because every girl likes a bit of romance. So, if you never wrote or even read her poetry back then, maybe you should make use of some after break up poems to show her that you’re not only heartbroken; but that you’ve changed as well.

All A Girl Really Wants…
…is for someone to win her over. Women do live in fairytale land and expect knights in shining armor, and as a man you must oblige. An important part of this wooing process is poetry and if you missed out the first time around, make up for it now. Use poems to woo your ex girlfriend and win her back into your life again.

What Sort of After Break up Poems?
The kind of after break up poems you use are really up to you. You could quote the bards of olden days and use their classic love poems. Shakespeare, Keats, Milton or Lord Byron – you have a whole range of after break up poems to choose from.

If your taste is more modern and you don’t understand what the ancient poets are saying, then there a whole range of modern day poems to choose from as well. In fact, simply searching online will give you a whole list of after break up poems, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Songs as After Break up Poems
The modern day equivalent to beautiful love poetry is a romantic song. If you think your ex girlfriend would enjoy a song more than an after break up poem, then use a song to woo her instead. A beautiful, heart felt song with great lyrics works as an after break up poem just as well as an olden day poem.

Write Your Own after Break up Poems
Fancy yourself as a bit of a poet? Want to show your girlfriend how much you want her back? Well, this is your chance to write the best poem in the world and give it to her. Even if it isn’t the best, the fact that you tried will probably win her over anyway.

After break up poems aren’t appreciated by us guys very much; and we probably don’t want to hear one. But this is a woman we’re talking about and there’s no better way to win her back than by using some poems.

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