WHEN HE PROPOSED TO ME | 2nd Official Video | English Poem 2018 | VISUAL WRITE-UP| 2018 | HD

WHEN HE PROPOSED TO ME l Video | Finest Love Poem Creation Ever | VISUAL WRITE-UP l 2018

WHEN HE PROPOSED TO ME: 2nd Official Video is Released. Its one of the Finest Love Poem Creation Ever. A plot of this Poetry based on Love Story.

This Love Poem will Mesmerize you to the very End.
This Love Poem is among the Finest English Poem Created in the world of Poem.

Finally, Wait Is Over.
Here Is Official Teaser Of WHEN HE TO PROPOSED ME on our 1st Official Love Poem YouTube Channel “Visual Writeup”.

Following are the Peoples Behind this Master Piece Love Poem.
Written by “Mugdha Sane”
Produced by – Anup Aphale (Director-Tejas Fire & Safety)
Screenplay Director – Riddhesh Tare
Starring – Sachin Patil
Starring – Vaishnavi Pawar
Cinematography – Jagdish Patil
Make-Up/Costume – Radha Jadi, Deepika Tare
Stills & Making – Ujwal Patil
Research & dev – Manasi Patil
Public Relations – Manali Aphale
Digital Marketing – Amit Kachere
Production Manager – Asmita Gopinath Rajeshirke
Executive Producer – Sanket Mestri
Editor – Riddhesh Tare, Jagdish Patil
Voiceover – Apurva Bodhare
Recording Studio – Akshay Digital
Background Music – Bhagyesh Patil
Special Thanks – Dinesh Chaudhary, Shrutesh Dumbare

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Sanket Mestri
Amit Kachere
Manali Aphale
Riddhesh Tare
Manasi Patil


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