You Have Always – A 73rd Birthday Gift Poem

A poem to express how a mum has always been a best friend, a mentor, an amazing mum and continues to be. especially since the death of her loving and devoted husband, which all happened so suddenly due to a brain tumour.

You have always
Mum, you have always been my best friend,
my mentor, my reason to achieve,
you have given me so very much in life, yes,
you have given me the reason to believe.

You have always been such an amazing mum,
and thankfully, I can also say that in the present tense,
you have shown me so many important lessons,
live and love your life to the full, just common sense.

But since Dad has gone, you have shone,
you have had to take the helm in troubled seas,
you have always been strong, a rock to lean on,
always there to help (and every opportunity you seize).

You have always given great advice and guidance,
and on those seas, you’ve been our guiding light,
you have made rainbows out of stormy weather,
you have made daybreak out of the darkest night.

You have always put your children first,
even though Ill admit, we have near fully grown,
but David, Thomas and I just wanted to thank you,
were very grateful for all the love that you have shown.

You have always looked out for us, constantly,
concerned about our safety and our health,
and now, you are always looking out for your grandchildren,
with you in our lives, we have such treasure, such wealth.

You are a wonderful mother and grandmother,
and yes you have been that, to one and all,
its because of you, we all walk taller,
in fact, I feel like I’m about 10 feet tall.

I just hope my child will think the same of me,
although I admit, you’re a hard act to follow,
but if its okay, Ill try and take your lead,
and a few of your steps I’ll have to borrow.

Because Ill never forget our wonderful times together,
Devondale, Bournemouth, David losing his trunks,
right through to today, my, we love our Baileys,
careful, were turning into a couple of drunks!

But I really enjoy our time together,
we normally end up giggling twice a week,
and I think that is more than okay, Dad would approve, and,
just for one moment, there are some words I need to speak.

You see, he too was such an amazing individual,
you were his quality girl, he was your quality man,
and I know that he is still here with us,
I know, that like us, he is very proud of our Super Nan!

So just know that Ill always be there for you,
I will love and respect you to the end of my days,
and I know that feeling will be returned many times over,
because that is what you have done for us, always.

Copyright Allen Jesson 2006

Source by Allen Jesson

Fahad Hameed

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