Jeffrey Tang’s “Life Is Beautiful – 2013”, The Best Inspirational Quotes

‘Life Is Beautiful 2013’, an annual project of mine which contains personal collection of my selected inspirational short quotes, and my favorite photos taken over the past one year, this compilation is dedicated to all of you out there who sees and appreciate the beauty in life.

Thank you for watching this video compilation.

It’s my gift to you in conjuction with my birthday on 3 Jan, 2013

Hope you have enjoyed my photos, the music and the messages brought to you.

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Photos Credit: Jeffrey Tang

Video Compilation: Jeffrey Tang

Song and Music Credit: Yiruma – River Flows In You, RnB Remix by DstyleZ

Quotes: By either unknown or as the following people or sources

Bil Keane
Bruce Lee
Charlie Chaplin
Jackov Kanani
Jeffrey Gitomer
Jim Rohn
John Lennon
Henry Ford
Henry Van Dyke
Mark Twain
Michael Jordan
Mother Teresa
Rafiki, The Lion King movie
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert Kiyosaki
Tony Robbins


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