Life Lesson Quotes: Life Is All About Taking Risks Sometimes You Fall Sometimes You Win Are you a risk taker? When you take risks sometimes you’re gonna fall and sometimes you’re going to win. I know you’re probably laughing at my video, let’s be honest it is funny!

I’m okay with you laughing at me because the truth is we all fall down from time to time, we just don’t usually do it on camera. I thought we’d get a good shot if I went closer to the ocean. I was willing to take the risk and although I fell down, I got back up and we shot what I think is a good video with a good message.

I’ve fallen down a lot in my life, literally and figuratively and I will continue to take risks and I’m sure I’ll fall flat on my face. But I will also win big because I refuse to give up. Some people viewed my decision to move to Costa Rica as a risky move. I didn’t. I’m glad I made the move. So what are you afraid of? Go ahead, take a risk, live the life of your dreams, and if you fall down along the way pick yourself up and keep moving toward the life you really want to live.

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