20 Styles Challenge – Speedpaint

Thanks for watching!

Ahh this was so fun to do (^:

I loved the idea of doing the 20 art styles challenge, one of my friends suggested it to me and here ya go
Btw I added some new styles that wasn’t in other videos ^^ I wanted to make it a bit different like the ‘La leyenda de la llorona’ omg that is from some animated Mexican movie,
the.. the spirit man uwu

I don’t blame you probably thinking this is a joke or something not ‘realistic’. It’s just weird to make a colorful pony Oc on too many styles, but
mlp speedpainters or colorful Ocs don’t lose advantage tho, and here is the proof (?
Feel free to do it if you want! it doesn’t need to be the same styles,
That’s up to you !

I really hope you enjoy ❤

It’s been one week since my birthday and I’ve received many good wishes from all of you! Even some gifts and drawings XD Gracias!

Gracias por tal cantidad de suscriptores!! ;0;

Finished picture: http://magicalbrownie.deviantart.com/art/20-Art-Styles-Challenge-660833964?ga_submit_new=10%3A1485916743

Paint tool Sai

Time taken: ALOT

●Futuristik – Little Bit (feat. Sethh) [NCS Release]
●Goblins from Mars – Bitter World (ft. Bombermenslug)
●Mystery Skulls – Soul On Fire

Collabs: Closed (Friends and Senpais Only)

Art trades: Closed (Friends and Senpais Only)

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