50 Years of Style | Generations of Freeskiing

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From hot-dogging and ski ballet to today’s slopestyle and urban tricks: with a lot of esprit and attention to detail, the 30-minute documentary “Generations of Freeskiing” revives the most iconic moments of freeskiing history. Skiers such as Jon Olsson, Henrik Windstedt, Nick Goepper, Jesper Tjäder, Bene Mayr, Lisa Zimmermann and Viktoria Rebensburg pay homage to the greatest eras of freeskiing, appreciating yesterday’s heroes who pushed the sports with their desire of freedom and thus took it to the next level again and again. With archive footage from the last nearly 50 years, the movie illuminates the most important stages that have shaped freesking as it is today – in original equipment and clothing, including tight overalls, bright neon jackets, and XXXL oversize shirts.


Lukas Tielke, Peoplegrapher

Mark Von Roy, The Distillery

Sebastian Huber, The Distillery

Mira Harnischmacher, Peoplegrapher

Lukas Tielke, Peoplegrapher
Thomas Dunzendorfer, The Distillery
Mark Von Roy, The Distillery

Lukas Tielke, Peoplegrapher

Julian Peters, Loniacs

Elias Freiberger

Moritz Staub

Thomas Dunzendorfer, The Distillery
Ferdinand Wold, Dji

Wolfgang Dittrich
Matthias Dondorf
Theodor Berr

SPECIAL THANKS: Stubaier Gletscher

Bene Mayr
Viktoria Rebensburg
Lisa Zimmermann
Mark Von Roy
Igor Ishutko
Henrik Windstedt
Roy Kittler
Kai Mahler
Fabio Studer
Nick Goepper
Christof Schenk
Dennis Ranalter
Jesper Tjäder


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