DCUO Episode 30 – Earth 3: Owlman Vendor Gear Style

Owlman style is one of the vendor gear styles in DC Universe Online’s 30th Episode pack: Earth 3. The style is inspired by Owlman’s appearance in the New 52 comic book series.

The Owlman style and gear is available to all members and the people who purchase Episode 30, on all their characters which have a minimum combat rating of 207 or above. It has an item level of 195 and is purchased using the Episode 30 currency “Ultrabucks”.

This gear is the standard gear featured in the episode and contains the second highest stats set. The Elite version of this gear has a slightly different style and better stats. The other set of vendor gear is a scaling set that features a style based on Johnny Quick. The Johnny Quick gear has inferior stats to Owlman gear but is available to all players regardless of subscription status or DLC purchase.

Collecting all 8 pieces of this style will unlock the 3 stars, 50 point “Knight Owl” feat. Unlocking this feat will apply a discount to the cost of purchasing further pieces of the Owlman set and enable you to get a discount applied to your alts, if you unlock the feat on them.

When worn, each piece of Owlman gear grants users with 1 Syndicate Sense. Simultanously wearing 8 pieces of gear which have a Syndicate Sense attached will unlock the 1 star, 10 point “Syndicate Sense” feat. Having this feat unlocked makes your character eligible to start receiving (Omnipotent) OP Collections from loot situations in Episode 30. Once the feat is unlocked, you no longer need to wear the gear to be eligible for the OP collection drops. Unlock the feat on your alts for more opportunities at OP collections.

Costs, further information about the Owlman gear and other information about the rewards found in Episode 30: Earth 3 can be found in my rewards guide on the official DCUO forums at this link: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/dcuo-episode-30-earth-3-rewards.292347

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