PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) – Pyongyang Style – Remix and parody

A North Korean remix of a #1 K-Pop song (as of July 2012).

Original song is Gangnam Style by Psy
The video is taken from Reddit and was shot by a group of international film makers during North Korean military parade. Other videos were randomly found on youtube too.
A part of this is also from Team America.

Yes, I was very bored that day.

PS to people who find this offensive or think it’s in any way degrading of North Korea..well it’s not. You’re just wrong.
NK invited an international film crew to film them march like little ducks in the square and they posted the video online. So I took advantage of the opportunity and made it better.

Also, I myself don’t consider this video brilliant or even that good. It was a two hour project on a boring night. I do consider my other project brilliant however. See it here:


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