【Wallpaper Engine?】No. This is MIKU Engine~! ^o^ (System Animator)

Wallpaper Engine? No. This is MIKU Engine~! ^o^

This is a preview of the upcoming version of System Animator, which can be used as an ANIMATED wallpaper, just like Wallpaper Engine~!


Wallpaper Engine is a recently popular software available on STEAM which can be used as ANIMATED wallpaper. Well, I have to admit that this is the motivation for me to add support to System Animator as an animated wallpaper as well, LOL

The idea of animated wallpaper isn’t new. In the age of Windows 7, we had DreamScene which allows using videos as wallpaper. In the age of Windows 98/ME, we had the “Active Desktop” feature which allows using web pages as wallpaper. In fact, if you have been following my site for some years, you may probably know that I was an active “Active Desktop” animated wallpaper maker at that time.

When DreamScene was introduced in Windows 7 some years ago, I actually thought about the possibility of adding animated wallpaper support for System Animator, but due to technical limitations at that time, it wasn’t possible and I gave up the idea until recently. Wallpaper Engine inspired me to take a look at the possibility again, and out of surpsie, this isn’t as hard as I thought.

The next version of System Animator will allow you to use it as an usual desktop gadget which flows on top of all other windows, as well as the bottomost wallpaper behind the desktop icons~! Stay tuned for updates~!


“System Animator” Homepage:


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