7 Smart Tricks For Using Removable Wallpaper

Here’s what you’ll need!

7 Handy Removable Wallpaper Tricks

Tape measure
Removable wallpaper (ours is from Chasing Paper)
Step ladder
Pin or needle
Utility knife

Work from the top down, instead of from the bottom up.
Avoid using stripe or grid patterns if you have an older home, as there’s a great chance your walls are uneven (read: the pattern won’t line up and you’ll be super mad).
Smooth out panels from the center to help eliminate air bubbles.
Trim the edges with a utility knife for the straightest line possible.
Unpeel panels to fix any mistakes.
Remove air bubbles using a pin.
Work in 6-inch to 8-inch sections.

Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam

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