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Hey this is Scott Strong, certified trainer from the training farm. And today I’m going to show you how to make a wallpaper pattern in Photoshop. What we have here is we have an image with a pattern on it already. And what we want to do is we want to copy this image into a larger document. But we want it to repeat as it goes through the image.

So what I want to do first is define the area that does repeat. There are a few clues left in the image itself. So what I’m going to do first is I’m just going to select an area here that looks like it has a repeat to it. So what I’ve got is half of this little heart shape and half of this one. I have an entire one right and it ends at the top of these two down here. However, what I want to do is I want to try to make sure that the selection area itself is as close to as aligned as I possibly can. And what I’ll do is I’ll go up to Select, Transform Selection. And I’m looking for little clues.

So this right here, this little point can be a little bit of a clue for the repeat itself. So I’m just going to click and drag the selection area down a little bit that the marquee rests right on that line right there. And I’m going to look for another over here on this side. Looks to me like that little pointer would be a good one to align the marquee up with it. So I’m just going to move over here. And I’ll do the same thing on the opposite. So I want the marquee to align with that point right there as well. And then down at the bottom I want that pointer to be the alignment. So I’m just going to move the marquee right onto that pointer. So I have that area selected, I’ll just hit return on my keyboard. That’ll lock the size and shape of the marquee in place. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to Edit, Define Pattern. And I’ll name my pattern Wallpaper 1. I’ll hit okay.

And I have a blank image set up right here. I want to fill in that blank image with my wall paper. So I’ll just go to Edit, Fill. Change the usage from foreground color over to pattern. Choose my pattern right here where it says custom pattern. I’m choosing my wallpaper. I hit okay. And there you have it. That’s how you create a wallpaper pattern in Photoshop.


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