Japanese Wallpaper – Arrival [Official Film]

Produced by Zero Through Nine. Running Man Australia & Exit Films

Written & Directed by – Thomas Pollard
Actress – Tegan Crowley
Producer – Jeremy Flynn
Cinematography – Simon Walsh
1st AD – John Sandow
1st AC – Geoff Skilbeck
2nd AC – Chaylon Fraser
SFX – Tim O’Brien & Garry Martin
Safety Officer – Danny Woodrow
Director’s Assistant – Max Pollard
Runner – Tom Campbell & Sarah Fraser
Extras – Joanna Cullen, Sebastian Mead Lynch, Matthew Cullen & Twyla Skeggs
Editor – Max Pollard & Thomas Pollard
Colourist – CJ Dobson (http://www.pocket-post.com/)
Online – Marty Gilchrist (http://puffinpost.com.au/)

With many thanks too;
Max Pollard, Helen Crawford, James Park, Brian Pollard, Jaime Gillespie, Stephen Carroll, Kat Latour, Oliver Hammelton, Kim Wildenburg, Kat Latour, Nathan Smith, Lydia Rui, Lachlan Dickie, Zero Through Nine, Running Man Australia, Exit Films, Pocket Post, Puffin Post, Gearhead, Panavision, Red Fox Unit Services, Stone Grip, Aus Stunt Management, Rose Chong, Marty @ Dynon Auto Wreckers Melbourne, Hillview Sand Quarry & CFA Victoria.

© Zero Through Nine 2015”


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