Sim Aquarium – Screensaver & Live Wallpaper

Experience the most realistic coral reef you’ll find without having to purchase an actual aquarium. Sim Aquarium lets you choose among five intricately detailed 3D coral reef scenes and one special scene with close-up of a sea anemone hosting Percula Clownfish (Nemo fish). You can populate your aquarium with up to 100 fish from the selection of 30 highly detailed species of fish with complex swimming behaviors and artificial intelligence. Using your mouse pointer, you can play with your fish pets and touch them by their tails or noses. They will stop to inspect or dart away into safety. You can also feed the fish, but unlike the real fish, they wont turn upside down and float up if you don’t feed them regularly.


– Five intricately detailed 3D coral reef scenes.
– Live desktop wallpaper mode.
– Full interaction with the fish and their environment.
– 30 highly detailed fish species with complex swimming behaviors and appearance.
– Realistic anemone tentacles physics and fluid simulation.
– Advanced graphic effects like fish iridescence, raytraced light caustics, complex water surface.


Fahad Hameed

Fahad Hashmi is one of the known Software Engineer and blogger likes to blog about design resources. He is passionate about collecting the awe-inspiring design tools, to help designers.He blogs only for Designers & Photographers.

2 thoughts on “Sim Aquarium – Screensaver & Live Wallpaper

  • August 30, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    Any chance on a new version in the works or other updates?  I dont see how you could improve or top this.  IMO there is nothing that comes close to this even after the years that this has been around.  TTR ranks this as #3 behind Aqua Real and Digifish.  I wonder how much they had to pay to get ranked #1 and #2.  Even the Android app is better than the rest.

    Sim Aquarium is the best there is!  Period!


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